Search Fund Lending Center

Proven track record of helping entrepreneurs succeed.

Flexible and Creative Deal Structures

Searching can be challenging, especially in an increasingly competitive and uncertain environment. At the Search Fund Lending Center, our team of experts provide holistic solutions that help searchers achieve their ultimate goal: acquiring and running a business.

  • Flexible capital structure (seller notes, earn-outs, owner equity rollover)
  • Acquisition term loan based on enterprise value
  • Additional financing for add-on acquisitions
  • Ability to refinance seller note and dividend recap based on performance
  • Senior debt up to 3x earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA)
  • Onboarding specialist to transition cash management and deposit operations

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Transform from Searcher to CEO

The Search Fund Lending Center is an expert at working with searchers and Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) to support the acquisition and growth of their business. Our goal is to be the best partner for the searchers and CEOs. We offer acquisition term loans based on enterprise value, revolving lines of credit and equipment financing with flexible capital structures. We will even provide you with your own onboarding specialist to help you transition from searcher to CEO.

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Walking with You from Letter of Intent to Acquisition

We know that searching can be challenging. Finding a banking partner that understands the unique needs of entrepreneurs and the complexity of merger and acquisition financing is difficult. The Search Fund Lending Center is a leading partner that understands the search fund model and the goal of entrepreneurs. Whether you are looking to acquire your first business, expand your existing portfolio or restructure existing debt, the Search Fund Lending Center can help.

Meet our dedicated Search Fund Lending Team

Committed to helping searchers acquire small to medium enterprises and support their growth. We have helped dozens of talented young entrepreneurs reach their goal of becoming a CEO and leading an organization. This is exactly what the Search Fund Lending Center is all about.

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