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helping fintechs bring innovation to market fast.

Why partner with us?

It’s our goal to support your ideal customer experience. That’s why we’re partnering with some of the most innovative Fintech companies around the world to offer future-forward banking-as-a-service solutions to businesses and consumers nationwide.

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Customized Products

Offer fully-insured, white-labeled banking products through our customized partnership solutions.

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Get to Market Fast

Our modern APIs allow us to move quickly, getting your product into the hands of consumers faster. 

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Mitigate Risk

Our decades of banking regulatory and compliance expertise help bridge any compliance gaps for our partners. 

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A partnership designed to scale.

Our Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) partnerships are tailored to your needs and will allow you to offer white-labeled financial services backed by BankProv. When you partner with BankProv, we’ll provide the API solutions you need to get your platform or product off the ground quickly and securely. Once you launch, we’ll support your behind-the-scenes banking functions like complexities of payments, account management and other banking regulation and services so you can focus on your business.

Whether you offer crypto-related services or more traditional digital banking products, partnering with BankProv gives you access to a forward-looking banking partner, fully-insured deposits and the best technology that’s designed to scale with you, an API that works.

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BaaS models BankProv offers

Clients wishing to hold their own customer funds can be structured a few different ways:

  • Under a basic For the Benefit of (FBO) model, clients can hold customer funds (business or consumer) in an FBO account at BankProv and move pooled funds in/out via wire or ACH. This is often done through file-based movement or through APIs.
  • Under our more advanced FBO (BaaS) model, clients can utilize BankProv’s APIs and/or third-party vendors to hold and move money on behalf of their clients using a single FBO account that the partner manages with a virtual ledger. These partners often move client funds in and out of the bank via wire, ACH, debit cards, etc. These services are branded by the partner and embedded into their own front-end user interface.

Tech Partners

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Banking as a Service FAQs

Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) allows fintechs and brands to integrate and embed banking services into their user interface, such as: deposit accounts, payment rails, and loans. These services are provisioned through modern APIs, enabling fintechs to own the front-end user experience and provide their customers with a full-stack white-labeled banking solution. BankProv’s BaaS solution allows fintechs to quickly get to market with a regulated and licensed product.

Our APIs deliver robust core banking functionality and allow you to customize the end-to-end product experience. By partnering with BankProv, a fintech can build on top of any component of the banking stack to power solutions ranging from integrated payment rails and checkout solutions to completely branded checking accounts with cards.

BankProv is powering industry leading fintechs and digital asset businesses of all stages and sizes with its BaaS offering. We work with fintech companies, including crowdfunding platforms, recurring revenue companies, fund administrators, investment platforms, digital asset exchanges, and many more. To learn more, check out our Press Releases here.

For the Benefit of (FBO) is an account model that allows our fintech partnerships to open one big fiduciary account on the Bank’s core, then provide customers with virtual accounts that exist within that larger account.

We offer our own in-house direct API integrations, as well as, in partnership with one of our third-party vendors like Modern Treasury, Treasury Prime and Synctera.

Yes, BankProv has been supporting businesses in the digital asset space with deposit and lending products since 2019 and we’re pushing our full-service offering for the cryptocurrency community to the next level with our embedded institutional banking services utilizing our API programming. By partnering with BankProv, our team can offer access to payment rails and virtual ledger services to facilitate and track payments under sub-accounts for your customers.

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