Streamline Your ACH and Wire Transactions with the RSA SecureID App

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If you regularly send wires and ACH transactions, you’re probably familiar with the two-factor verification required for each transaction batch you send. You may also have experienced a delay in receiving your code or not receiving it all. Many users can have trouble with this form of verification for several reasons which is why we recommend setting up RSA Software Tokens.

We’ll break down the two methods and how you can enroll to start using RSA tokens to send wires and ACH transaction through your online banking portal.

Why the Text/Call Method May Not Work Best

To send an ACH or wire through our online banking platform, a code is required for authorization. With the traditional text/call two-factor verification, a 6-digit code will be sent to the phone number associated with an account. A phone number is required for the code but sometimes the phone that’s listed with the account, isn’t the best number to receive a code to. It could be that the phone number we have listed isn’t up to date and so you’re not able to receive the code necessary to continue.

Another common issue is that because the code is sent automatically, it’s not able to be sent to a phone number that requires an extension code. For some of our online banking users, the Business’ switchboard number is the only one listed, making it difficult to receive the code.

Codes can also be delayed if you’re sending it by call/text to a cell phone that isn’t connected to a Wi-Fi network or may have limited service. Not receiving your code in time can significantly delay the processing of transactions and potentially miss a cutoff time.

Using RSA Tokens for Business

When you sign up to use RSA Tokens, we avoid all the problems commonly associated with traditional text/call two-factor verification. Rather than waiting to receive a code to your phone, you can use the RSA SecureID app on your mobile device to receive a code instantly. No service delays, no wrong phone numbers.

RSA SecureID allows you to securely and efficiently process ACH and wires with a 4-digit PIN that you select when setting up token services. The app will then provide a token code that you'll be prompted for once you click on either of the ACH or Wire tab in your online banking portal.

For users that don't have the ability to download the app or would prefer another option, Hardware Tokens are available. When selecting a Hardware Token, a tangible device will be provided that automatically shows a token code. When using this token option, you would type your 4-digit PIN as well as the code shown on your token device into the Wires or ACH tab in your online banking portal.

Using tokens allows you to have the text/call verification feature removed and provides a more reliable and efficient method for sending ACH and wires.

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