BankProv Invests $65,000 in Local Agencies Addressing Housing, Workforce and Childcare Needs

BankProv has made a generous investment of $65,000 to local organizations that are addressing housing, workforce and childcare needs across New Hampshire. Granite United Way has partnered with BankProv to distribute this investment to local agencies addressing these pressing needs.

From L-R: Patrick Tufts, Nichole Reimer, Joe Reilly, Leanne Corning, and Joe Kenny

“BankProv’s broader mission is to go beyond financial services and actively engage in initiatives that uplift and empower the community," stated Joe Reilly, Co-CEO at BankProv. "Our recent investment in United Way is a testament to our commitment to giving back and making a lasting impact on the lives of those who need it most. We recognize the interconnectedness of our success with the well-being of our community, and we are honored to contribute to the collective effort in creating a brighter, more equitable future for all."

“Granite United Way is proud to partner with BankProv to bring this support to our local partners. Each of our nonprofit partners in this investment are driving these efforts to address immediate needs in our community,” said Patrick Tufts, President and CEO of Granite United Way. “BankProv’s generous support ensures that childcare, workforce development, housing services and financial assistance for low to moderate income families is available.”

Funding will be distributed to the following nonprofits providing these critical needs: NeighborWorks Southern NH, Liberty House, Families in Transition, Granite YMCA, and Building Community in NH.

“The investment BankProv is making in NeighborWorks Southern NH is ensuring we have the ability to continue proven programs and take others to scale,” said Robert Tourigny, Executive Director of NeighborWorks Southern NH. “Housing is the cornerstone of a healthy, strong community. BankProv’s gift demonstrates their commitment to building our neighbors up.”

Funds will be investing immediately in programming that assists with securing and supporting sustainable housing, provides transitional housing and related supports for veterans, emergency sheltering, providing affordable childcare slots to families, as well as case management and employment assistance and job readiness supports.

“These programs are directly addressing immediate needs and providing opportunities for the future,” said Nichole Reimer, Chief Alignment Officer at Granite United Way. “We have witnessed first-hand the impact of these programs and know that BankProv’s investment is a solid one in lifting not only our nonprofit partners, but the New Hampshire residents they serve.”


About Granite United Way

Granite United Way is an experienced and trusted organization dedicated to leveraging the resources of investors and volunteers to create lasting change by addressing the underlying causes of our community’s most pressing needs.  United Way’s purpose is to convene public, private, and governmental leaders and resources to tackle the largest, most pressing issues facing our community. Granite United Way fights for the education, health and financial stability of everyone in every community.

Granite United Way serves the Central Region, Merrimack County, Greater Seacoast Region, North Country, Northern Region, Southern Region (Manchester / Derry / Salem) and Upper Valley Regions of New Hampshire as well as Windsor County, Vermont.  For more information, visit

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