Meet the New BankProv

As the 10th oldest bank in the country, The Provident Bank has been deeply rooted in the communities we serve for nearly 200 years. We celebrate your victories, and more importantly, stand with you during challenging times.

No matter what life throws at us, one thing remains certain: We are here for you. To us, that means being the most prepared, collaborative and trusted partners in the business.

We believe that being prepared for the future is how we can best serve you, our customers, with confidence. That’s why we are embracing innovation and leveraging technology—enabling us to deliver a better banking experience for all.

Our shared needs are different. Banking is different. The world … is different.

And because of that: We. Have. Evolved.

Our search for a new brand began in early 2019. In our Bank’s true and thorough nature, we went through an extensive self-discovery process, complete with client, employee and stakeholder interviews and a detailed competitor analysis. We found that the word “provident,” defined as “making or indicating timely preparation for the future,” still reigned true for our organization. Similarly, it was important to keep the word “bank” in our name, as we are proud of the strength, reliability and security that it brings.

The new BankProv brand was designed to showcase our entrepreneurial spirit; to show that we are curious, we embrace change, and we challenge ourselves to stretch beyond our comfort zones to create the future of banking. And of course, it gave us a natural distinction from the numerous other institutions drawing the name "Provident" throughout the country.

Our color scheme was chosen carefully over the course of months to subtly broadcast our strength and sophistication (black) and our new beginnings (white). Magenta was chosen as our “pop” of color because it represents power and energy (red) and inward reflection (violet).

Remember, while our image has changed to reflect our beliefs in being future ready, we are still the same great bank that you know and love. Your lenders, business development officers and relationship managers will remain by your side as advocates for your financial future… just now wearing some new swag.

Welcome to the new BankProv.

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