What new features can you can expect to see in online banking?

As of Monday, July 26, 2021 there a few exciting new features and updates you can expect to see in your online and mobile banking portals.

What's New in Online Banking?

Account Sort/Hide

Users will now be able to sort their accounts in iBanking. The new module will also include a new hide/show functionality replacing the existing ‘Show/Hide Accounts’ module. Please Note: This feature will be available later this week. 

New Insight Account Alert Details

Alerts text is being changed to include new additional details.

Wire comment box

Fixed an issue where the 'Comment’ box was not displayed in the "Pending Wires" module. Comments added upon wire approval will show in the ‘Wire Details’ page.


Additional Enhancements

    • New Pass-Thru Fix (Account on Agreement): Enhanced the New Pass-Thru module to allow businesses to include internal account on the ACH file. Before users will get a ‘Multiple Offset Accounts found’ error.
    • New Pass-Thru Fix (3rd Party): Added ability for business user to process 3rd Party files using the new ACH Pass- Thru module. This new option will ‘skip’ all the validation that the new Pass-Thru module does expect, NACHA format, effective date, new ‘3rd Party Pass- Thru’ limits.
    • New Pass-Thru Fix (Pre-notes Only Files): Ability for a user to upload a Pre-notes only file. Prior to this enhancement user trying to upload a pre-notes only file would receive an error message stating - ‘Batch has no entries’.
    • Wire Payee Receiving Financial Institution: A change was made to the ‘Receiving Financial Institution’ fields for international wires where if the payees ‘Institution Number Type’ is an ABA number the ‘Receiving Financial Institution’ field will be required. If the payees ‘Institution Number Type’ is BIC than the ‘Receiving Financial Institution’ information is not required.
    • Copy User Entitlements: A new ‘Copy Entitlement’ functionality is now available in iBanking. Users can now select to copy entitlements from another existing user either during the user creation process or just simply from the ‘Edit Entitlements’ page.

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