BankProv Attends BIOMED Expo in Boston to Explore Export Financing Opportunities in the Medical Manufacturing Industry

As BankProv prepares for its trip to the global medical Hospitalar trade show in Sao Paulo, Brazil, it explored the world of medical manufacturing here in Boston at the BIOMED Device Expo. Boston is the perfect location for the Bank to find opportunity as it continues to expand its coverage area into the Boston market with its niche lending services of Mergers and Acquisitions and Export Financing.

“The medical manufacturing industry is a big exporting industry,” comments Mary Jane Ricker, SVP, Commercial Lending. “By attending events like the BIOMED Device Expo we are able to speak with the exhibitors, listen to their presentations, and fully immerse ourselves in the world of medical manufacturing. This enables us to understand their exporting needs and better assist them with their export financing.”

BankProv has formed partnerships in both New Hampshire and Massachusetts with local government and state agencies in an effort to bring export financing products and education to small and medium-sized businesses. Our latest partnership is with both Massachusetts and New Hampshire Manufacturing Extension Partnership Agencies.

“We have uncovered a significant opportunity for local manufacturers across multiple industries to export their products and services,” explains Ricker. “What they don’t always realize is that several export financing programs are available to assist them with the process. That is where BankProv’s international financing experts can help. We are here to listen to their needs and offer programs tailored to their specific objectives.”

BankProv’s President and Chief Lending Officer Chuck Withee, and Senior Vice President, International Finance Officer Leanne Spees, are traveling to the Hospitalar medical tradeshow in Sao Paulo, Brazil in May to explore the potential for expansion of U.S. medical exports to Latin America and around the world.

“The more we learn about each manufacturing sector, the better equipped we are to serve businesses interested in growth through exporting,” explains Leanne Spees. “The BIOMED Device Expo and Hospitalar are both excellent opportunities for us to learn how we can help businesses in the medical manufacturing equipment industry.”

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