BankProv Invited to Speak at NHADEC Annual Networking Event

Leanne Spees, BankProv’s Senior Vice President of International Finance, was pleased to present at the New Hampshire Aerospace Defense and Export Consortium (NHADEC) annual networking event on May 17th. Over the past year, BankProv has worked closely with NHADEC to discuss how the bank’s international finance programs can help its members expand into global markets.

“BankProv is a valuable partner for NHADEC and its members,” explains NHADEC Chairman of the Board, Zenagui Brahim. “BankProv is committed to supporting the growth of New Hampshire businesses and investing in economic development throughout New Hampshire. They are in complete alignment with NHADEC’s mission. And we were pleased to have Leanne Spees speak to our members about how they can use their bank to penetrate new markets.”

NHADEC brings together the best of the best in the region’s aerospace and defense sectors, representing a growing dynamic industry in New Hampshire, New England, and beyond. The members of the Consortium represent a wide range of innovation and diversity, scaling from the large global players to the innovative SME’s, all offering advanced unique technology and superior business acumen. NHADEC focuses on fostering the most opportune foreign markets for the member group, through collaborative efforts and global brand messaging.

“It is truly an honor to be asked to participate in the exceptional programs NHADEC offers New Hampshire businesses,” comments Spees. “Businesses are the backbone of our economy. If we can help them take advantage of the many export financing programs available to help them tap into the international marketplace, then our economy as a whole can benefit.”

NHADEC’s annual networking event brought together industry experts, guest speakers, and Consortium members in an effort to discuss issues and opportunities facing the industry today.

Keynote speaker Tate Nurkin, Founder of OTH Intelligence, discussed forces shaping the future of the global defense industry and how they intersect. The presentation included a strong focus on the defense innovation environment and what innovation in technology means for emerging requirements.

Leanne’s presentation focused on how businesses can use BankProv’s international finance programs to market their products, offer an advantage over their competitors, close sales and get paid quickly, and set themselves apart in the global marketplace.

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