BankProv Speaks to the North Shore about Export Opportunities

BankProv has partnered with Middleton & Shrull to present at the North Shore Chamber breakfast on August 9th. This presentation, titled “How to Grow Exports While Limiting Risk”, will discuss how businesses can use their bank, and their attorney, to safely navigate the process of exporting their products and services to the global marketplace.

“BankProv has an ongoing initiative to support small to medium-sized business in New England,” comments Dave Mansfield, CEO of BankProv. “This summer we have joined the North Shore Chamber of Commerce and Middleton & Shrull to put on a special presentation that answers questions from business related to export finance and compliance. This will be a great event for any business interested in growing in the global marketplace.”

BankProv’s President and Chief Lending Officer, Chuck Withee, will give opening remarks at the event. The bank’s Senior Vice President, International Finance Officer, Leanne Spees, will discuss how businesses can obtain financing, market themselves globally, and set themselves apart from their competition by utilizing the unique export financing products available through the bank and local state and government agencies focused on supporting businesses interested in exporting.

“Businesses don’t always realize that their bank can be a resource to guide them through the export process,” comments Leanne Spees. “Several programs are available to help them get the process started and truly set them apart from competitors in the global marketplace. They just need the right banking partner that is well versed in export financing.”

Matthew Bock, Partner at Middleton & Shrull, will discuss how businesses can use their attorney to make sure they are compliant with U.S. export controls and economic sanctions laws and regulations.

“Maneuvering the multitude of compliance regulations necessary to undertake and execute an export transaction can be daunting, particularly to a small business,” explains Matthew Bock. “But your attorney can help you through the process. We understand the laws, the necessary documents, and how to work through the regulations in order to export legally and remain compliant throughout the lifecycle of the export transaction or operation. This is where I find that small businesses need the most guidance.”

With 95% of commerce conducted outside of the United States, the world is open for business. This International Trade Seminar is meant to help small businesses understand how to tap into this opportunity.

Our team of dedicated international lending specialist are here for you — click the link to learn more about BankProv International Lending.

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