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BankProv Earns 2nd Place Ranking in U.S. by American Banker for Community Banks with the Largest Commercial & Industrial Loan Portfolios

In an industry where C&I (Commercial and Industrial) lending has historically been associated with “big banks”, a smaller yet agile bank continues to emerge as a leader in the banking industry.

BankProv was recently ranked 2nd in the U.S. for C&I loans outstanding for banks under $1 billion in assets by American Bankera publication viewed by many bank executives as the industry standard for banking news and information. This is a major achievement considering just five years ago the bank was ranked 197th on the list. The ranking is based on BankProv’s 51% Q4 2018 year-over-year growth in C&I loans outstanding. Over 5,000 institutions across the U.S. were evaluated for their C&I portfolios, and the top 200 were published in the American Banker listing.

This top ranking by American Banker marks a significant milestone in terms of BankProv’s strategic vision. In 2014, BankProv made a decision to focus substantial resources on increasing its commercial offerings as part of a broader strategic initiative to serve the needs of small to medium-sized businesses.

BankProv credits much of its steady growth in commercial financing to the practice of listening to customers and carving out specialties to serve their needs.

“We are a bank that continually evaluates and adjusts to the lending landscape. We ask, where are there gaps in the market, what needs are going unmet, and how can BankProv develop products and services to fill those needs?” explains Dave Mansfield, CEO at BankProv. “We realized that by focusing our attention on small to medium-sized businesses, we are able to offer specialized lending solutions that are not usually found at banks our size. For C&I clients that means customized, one-on-one attention that the big banks just can’t offer.”

In addition to traditional commercial loans, BankProv has developed lending specialties based on customer needs - specifically in Mergers & Acquisitions, International Financing and Renewable Energy. Because these three areas in particular require extensive experience and expertise, BankProv invested in its overall lending team by adding new commercial lenders with expertise in those areas. BankProv has also extended its reach by adding lenders in the Boston market, and by developing a Search Fund Lending Center that now operates nationwide. These unique investments have helped BankProv secure the number 2 positon in C&I Loans by Total Loans in the U.S.”

Our team of dedicated commercial lending specialist are here for you — click the link to learn more about BankProv Commercial Lending.

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